Create It

Create It

Create It is an advanced, yet easy to learn and use design software package with features found in larger and more expensive commercial software packages.  It allows users to quickly and easily turn digital photos into high quality stencils for all of your hobby and craft needs.

It is the perfect for stenciling and pattern making as well.  A perfect fit for artists, crafters, and designers in wood, glass, plastic, metal, and stone.

  • Picture touch-up
  • Two different stencil making algorithms
  • Slider transparancy viewing of stencil over photo
  • Raster to vector conversion
  • Save as most file formats including SVG and PDF
  • Fast zoom
  • Layering
  • Line tracing
  • Puzzle overlay for images
  • Rapid resizing of patterns
  • Using your own materials, view your end product before making it
  • In-depth instructional videos
  • Copyrighted process identifies sections that “fall out” if not corrected 

Me On a Pumpkin

Create wonderful one-of-a-kind Halloween carved pumpkins with this software.  Take any photograph and create a stencil that will look just like the photograph when carved out of a pumpkin.  Print it out along with instructions for pumpkin preparation, and carving tips.  

Over the years our customers have also carved great Gourds, Watermelons, and other fruits with Me On A Pumpkin.  Can you guess how it got its name?

MEOP for Chad


RaipDart for Chad

RapiDart produces some of the finest halftone photos ever! If you are going to make an image and want to save ink or make an impact this may just work for you.

You can adjust: 

  • Contrast, Brightness and Sharpness
  • Line Screen 
  • Screen Angle From 15, 30 and 45
  • Printer DPI
  • Print portrait or landscape

The Den

This is a nice place to store projects or image files you may need in the future.

Examples are:

  • Greeting cards
  • Birthday cards
  • Crafting stencils
  • Works of art or crafts that you sell on a repeated basis
You can store the original image and any patterns/stencils or ongoing/unfinished projects here and retrieve them as needed.
The Den for Chad

The only tool you’ll ever need is your browser to access our on-demand design software. Once you have an account and you are logged in, you will simply click on whatever package you need and run it, full-function, right on your browser.

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